The Children of the Himalaya Region of Nepal

Children are considered an incarnation of angels. A boon to the family, children manage to bring smile to our faces even during hard times. How could one not love such beautiful creations?

An outlook on the children of Himalaya region of Nepal: The Himalayas are mostly inhabited by indigenous tribes comprising mostly of Mongoloids. Migrated from the northern territories; Tibet and Mongolia, centuries ago, today, it’s mostly occupied by Sherpas, Gurungs, Tibetans, Lepchas and others.


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GUIDE PROFILE: Keshar Gurung, A Gurkha

Keshar Gurung is one of the most experienced trekking guides in Nepal today. Shaped by harder situations, he smilingly claim that he will still travel to the end of the world with no complaints.

Keshar Gurung

Keshar Gurung


Full Name: Keshar Gurung
Birth: Prithvi Highway, Gorkha
Career: Trek Guide
Expertise: Trekking, Sightseeing, Culture
Interests: Traveling and Sports

Keshar in Person

Keshar was born in a remote village of Gorkha district. A historic city with equally cultural importance, he grew to be a learned denizen. He tried his luck in British Army at a young age, however, he couldn’t succeed, therefore, he joined his relative as an assistant river guide.

His first experience on trail came at Annapurna Base Camp where he went as a porter. He continued as a porter for 6 months, before leading a trek to Langtang-Gosainkunda.

He shares,

When I first started in this industry, there was no internet. I had to ask experts or consult books to research on trail, altitudes and other information. Now it’s much easier. Trekkers themselves come learned and well prepared.

Till now, he has successfully led countless numbers of treks throughout Nepal.

He claims;

Nepal has mountains. The main reason that attracts tourists to  Nepal is the “Everest.” Its something to be able to tell people that I’ve seen Everest with his own eyes.

On the field

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5 Meals to Eat during Trekking in Nepal

What you eat on trail determines the success of your trek and your health and fitness over the time? The better you eat, the fitter you’ll stay.

The calories you consume should be around 15% proteins, 50%-65% carbohydrates, and 20%-35% fats. Carbohydrates provide faster energy, fat more long-burning, and protein replenishes and keeps muscles healthy over time. Reducing protein too much will be devastating on a long-distance hike. […] It is a good goal to find calorie-dense foods so fewer pounds are carried for the same amount of energy. Source

Loosing appetite during trekking is common. You may not find the meal of your interest in Nepal due to lack of options on trail, therefore, carrying your own snack can be useful.

5 Top Meals for Trekking

#5 Granola Bar/Energy Bar

Granola bar is also known as ‘Energy bar.’ Consisting of rolled oats, honey, nuts and sometimes puffed rice, it’s baked until crisp. A light snack, it’s power packed in energy contents.

#4 Rice & Lentils

A stable Nepali diet, rice and lentils is widely eaten in Nepal. A meal rich in protein and carbohydrate, it can prove pivotal during a long and strenuous trek. Many of you may find it unusual, however, we can guarantee that it will keep you strong and full during the trek.

#3 Dehydrated Food

Dehydrated food, such as; dried meat, vegetables and fruits can be a quick snack during trekking. Lighter to carry and rich in energy, dehydrated food can be a good source of quick meal during a trek.

#2 Candy/Chocolate

Chocolates or candy may come handy when you lose your appetite or to revive your taste during long treks. The altitude and weather may take away your appetite for food, therefore, carrying chocolate can prevent hunger.

#1 Oatmeal

Oatmeal is best meal you can have during a trek. Daily consumption of a bowl of oatmeal is proved to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Its high-fiber content helps in digesting the food easily, as well as provide complex carbohydrate, B Vitamins and calories for increasing endurance and strength for lengthy treks.



Anton Jankovoy & his Exciting New Video of Nepal

There is a new video about Nepal which has swept the internet users off their feet.

Anton Jankovoy is the artist and his new video captures some of the most exciting scenery from Nepal. Published in Jan 22, the video has attracted 1000+ views and still counting. It’s a must watch!

The slower pace of the video manages to capture the entirety of a certain moment some moments which include cultural dance, sunrise and sunset and a just travel.


A travel photographer by profession and Ukrainian by birth, his interests cover traveling, photography, raw food diet, mysticism, nature etc.

He works with some big agencies and publishing houses around the world, such as; Apple, National Geographic, Getty Images, Yahoo, Discovery, BBC, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Silverkris Airlines, El Pais, Daily Record, british Digital Photo, Digital SLR Photography Magazine, Photographer, PhotoTravel, PhotoDelo, Himalaya MapHouse, Go Launcher and etc.

According to him,

My only aspiration in a photography is to wake up in everybody realization the meaning of life. That is the only one way to feel this world the way it is and how it was created for us, the way the children see it. Source

5 Things to Do this Valentines in Nepal

Although, Nepal represents Adventure tourism at large, there are still many places or things to do in here which signifies love.

A small yet a cozy nation of heartwarming people, spending Valentines Day at Nepal can be so much fun.

5 Things to Do this Valentines

Breakfast with a Champagne at Kala Patthar

Kala Patthar at 18,514 ft (5,643 m) is one of the highest locations in Nepal. Generally, reached after 2 weeks of tiresome trekking, you can now reach the place in just few hours. One big advantage of flying to Kala Patthar in a Helicopter is that you get to get a closest view of Mount Everest, along with other surrounding mountains.

The trip lasts almost 4 hours. A lavish breakfast is served along with a bottle of finest champagne to accompany you and your partner along the thrilling ride. Read more @Everest Heli Tour

Relishing Hot Momos in Kathmandu

‘Momo’ is the pride of greater Nepalese culinary and lifestyle. Originated in Tibet and improvised by the Newars of Kathmandu valley, Momo is widely eaten in many parts of South Asia. You can find an eatery serving savory flavors of Momos at almost every corner of Kathmandu.

A dumpling prepared with authentic Nepalese spices, it goes well with any kind of beverage or alcohol. A party starter in most occasions, Jhol Momo is a special kind which can bring smile in your faces.

Watching Sunrise & Sunset at Poon Hill

Poon Hill is one of the most scenic locations inside Nepal. Located at 10,531 ft (3,210 m), it is considered the second best viewpoint after Kala Patthar. Visited by many tourists to enjoy the local scenery and majestic views of surrounding mountains; Annapurna Himalaya range, Machhapuchhre, Dhaulagiri and Hiunchuli, it also offers best view of sunrise and sunset.

Spending time at the Gurung village of Annapurna, relishing local delicacy and watching sunrise and sunset can be the most romantic of the travels ever.

Paragliding at Pokhara

Pokhara is a major tourists’ hub in Nepal. One of the most visited place after Kathmandu city, Pokhara offers a true holidaying experience for both national and international tourists. A small city surrounded by hills and mountains from all sides, Pokhara remains a small yet lively place to spend this valentines.

Out of many sports available in the place, paragliding can be the best experience of all. Flying from the height of 8,202 ft (2,500 m)  above scenic aerial lakeside city and Phewa lake, you can kiss the cold air with courage.

Touring Kathmandu valley and the outskirts

Kathmandu has always been a city of lovers. A popular Hippies joint in the 70s, Kathmandu still resonates love and peace. A bustling city with historic backgrounds and rich Newari culture & lifestyle, touring the Kathmandu valley can be the best fun you’ve ever had.

Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur are three major cities located inside Kathmandu valley, which equally rich in ancient culture, traditions, architecture and lifestyle.